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Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - Olive Oil Soap

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - Olive Oil Soap

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Very pretty, elegant soap. It’s translucent so you can see through it! I feel so pampered with this soap. The Rose, Geranium and Patchouli Oils do their thing while the Olive Oil is so smooth on your skin. Feel like Queen for a Day with this bar.

(If you have sensitive skin, particularly oily skin or a skin condition such as dermatitis, olive oil is not the best choice. Look at the Ultimate Vegan, Ultimate Goat's Milk, Rose, and Lavender Soaps)

Smells Like: A very soft combination with the Rose and Geranium Essential Oil and the richness of the Patchouli Essential Oil

Notes of : Geranium and Rose with the depth of Patchouli   

Ingredients: Geranium, Rose, and Patchouli Essential Oil, Olive Oil Soap, Himalayan Sea Salt, color

Made in USA by us! All our soaps are best used commando- no washcloth! Washcloths don’t need moisturizing!

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